(Not Within) Walking Distance

Title: (Not Within) Walking Distance
Author: Nanrad
Fandom: Suits
Characters: Harvey/Donna
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Just a broke college student...don't own them
Summary:Strong T for language and almost sexual situations. "Earlier on, when their working relationship was young, they almost went there. It was so long ago, but Donna could remember it so vividly." Donna/Harvey UST

"To see, touch, taste, smell, hear, but never know if it's real"- The Cure, "More Than This"

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Writer's Block: Truth or dare
What is the craziest dare you have ever taken?

It wasn't an implicit dare, but a dare nonetheless. My junior year of high school, I had a teacher internship class at another school. So, my close friend at the time/huge crush would give me a ride every once and a while. I can't tell you why he asked me, but he suggested that I should sit on his lap...and I did. It was so exhilarating and scary at the same time. We were afraid of getting caught, but it was exciting at the same time. Keep in my he was driving. It was on a back road and the ride was about three/four miles long. ;-)

Clearly Biased (Character Development, Dating, and Death)
Hmm...OT, but I'm still trying to figure out how livejournal works.

When I watch a show, I usually only scrap the surface. There are times where I do not look for much more than what is offered at face value. But, there are times where I am forced to do a in-depth analysis of what the series has given me.

True Blood

I am a big supporter of Sam and Tara, but as usual, the series has other ideas. The possibility of the two getting together is in the air, but it doesn't diminish my hope. For those who aren't familiar with True Blood, it is a HBO series based on the book series the Sookie Stackhouse books. It about vampires revealing themselves to the world when a product is created that is a substitute for blood. There are also other mythical creatures, but the primary focus is on vampires. Tara and Sam are secondary characters and their roles were drastically changed for the TV series. Tara was a very minimal character in the book and she has a more pronounced role in the show and Sam's background has been changed or modified. I haven't read the books, but this is what I researched about the series.

Character development and dating applies to Tara and Sam. Originally, the sexual trysts that they had on the show wasn't in the books. (also, it should be noted that Tara was initially white and in the who she is black) There are countless other examples, but they fail to come to mind at the moment. My problem with the portrayal of their relationship is that it is always abrupt. When they started having sex, it was simple enough. alth0ough; Sam was in love with Tara's best friend Sookie. At the same time, they were only in it for sex and somewhere along the line feelings had developed. Sam was all for dating, but Tara wouldn't give him a chance because of her "fucked up mess"--this is me trying paraphrase. I think they have one last fucking before she finds herself in another man's arms in a series of unfortunate events.

Here's the problem: there wasn't any resolution in the sexual tryst/We should date/I have feelings for you thing they had going on. It just switched from one event to the next. Now i know relationship can become complicated and messy, but the writer's could have found some middle ground in their relationship. They could have had a conversation--something that marked an ending or sorts, but no, they left it open. Skip the second season and go to the third, they have sex again. This is after Tara's fiancee is shot and killed and Sam has numerous problems of his own as well. But, by this point, they've gone through way more than when they first had sex (understatement of the year).

This isn't coming out right, so I'll explain it differently. Tara and Sam had definite chemistry. Their relationship on screen does not seem forced down on throats, but the writer's aren't consistent. Tara always has to be a victim of some sort (fake exorcism, manipulated by a trusted friend, boyfriend possessed which leads to murders, boyfriend turned fiancee then killed, raped by a vampire repeatedly and held hostage, the list goes on, and she also grew up with an alcoholic mother to top it all off- and the mother thinks that she has the right to judge others). And she never gets a break, so some fans hate her because she's complaining or crying, but wouldn't you if you were in her situation? Sam is always being walked on and has abandonment issues. But, together they are magic.

Why can't the writer's develop their skills and actually write something close to reality. It is always some make up or break up crap, but why can't they just be? Why can't Tara empower herself and not be the punchbag for every season. I know they have to tie her in somehow, but why does it have to be that way? Why can't Sam get over Sookie and get with Tara who he does have legitimate feelings for? On True Blood, dating is so difficult. There aren't many, if any, stable relationships in the show. They have to over complicate the simple just because they feel that is why fans too in. It is an adult show, write in an adult fashion.

I'm going to get off that show because my thoughts are very much jumbled.

But, a pet peeve of mine that has been growing for a while: character deaths. I know, I know, people die, but if an actor wants out of his or her contract, nine times out of ten, they're going to die. Or, if they are through with the character, they are going to die. What happened to getting a job offer or needing a new environment? No, you can't leave, you must die. There are shows where the characters aren't killed off, but they are in the minority. It's a cop of because it leaves no room for a character to come back in a real capacity. IF it is time for a character to leave or it is pivotal to the series, that is understandable, but rarely does this instance occur. They get paid to write, so shouldn't they do it well?

Grey's Anatomy
NCIS (I'm mixed about this one--I came after the death and I like the replacement)
Dexter (I'm pissed off about Rita)
Monk (Sharona luckily escaped this fate--she actually got to move)
Lost (they'll deny it)
CSI (don't watch it, but I heard)

The list goes on...

Clearly Biased (Twilight Saga)
I know people will not be reading my thoughts or opinions for a long time, but I still would like to post them. Basically, I'm going to post a series called "Clearly Biased", hence the title, discussing my personal opinions and views on things. I chose the name of this particular title because I know I am biased and I feel others should know too, so there isn't a misunderstanding. But, don't get me wrong, I don't think all biasedness <- not a real word-- is good, but I know where I stand on the spectrum. Not to say I can't or won't compromise, but that I am a proud person and I really believe in my personal views, so it will be hard to sway me. You can agree, disagree, or tell me your opinion, and I will consider it, but it is up in the air what will happen next because I will defend my stance.

The Twilight Saga

Initially, I didn't hear of the books until it started get hyped up and I didn't display interest until the movies. A lot of girls were going crazy over this saga and I wanted to understand why. What was so good about "Twilight", I wondered. So, for Christmas, I got an aunt of mine to buy me the first two books and I bought the second two and finished it in about two-three weeks. End result, I wanted a loaded shotgun, so I could do the pleasure myself. I won't say the books weren't terrible, because they were, but I guess I was disappointed because I had higher expectations. But, that was the real disappointment, the real disappointment was Edward and Bella.

You see, I ship a lot of characters, mostly shows--I think I have one for every show I watch and they are usually cannon. Rarely, are they outside established interest in the series, but I have my ships still. *For those who don't know what a ship is--it is basically a person who rallies for a relationship to occur between to people* Although I may have had expectations for the book, I didn't have it for the ship since I didn't know what the book was about and who the establish ship was about. I was neutral territory, and then...I read it.

I'm not the one to knock the theory of love at first sight, which I why I ship so much among other things, but Bella and Edward were ridiculous. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they were together. As I said previously, I understand love at first sight, but as a movie called "Love Jones" once asked: what happens after love at first sight? Usually, people develop a real relationship or it falls apart and, in my honest opinion, that never happened between the two of them. It is either a relationship evolves or devolves, but never should it stand still, which was what happened. Their arguments were usually based on Bella becoming a vampire and her safety mostly. What about real relationship problems? What happened to that? One of the biggest things that bothered me, besides it seeming not to portray a real relationship, is that Bella felt so unworthy of Edward. How is that healthy? She only felt worthy once she became a vampire. Not his reassurances or how long they were together and Alice's reassurances even though she trusted her on other occasions, but only when she became a vampire.

Then they were both suicidal. Both of them were willing to end their lives if the other one died and were depressed to be without each other. I can relate, but I can't. No, let me clarify that: I am in love with this guy, who until today, I didn't want to be without. I decided it was best to cut ties because it was unhealthy for us to pretend things were still fine. We never dated, but we almost did. I didn't and don't want any other guy and feel as if things wouldn't be as great as they were with him and would have been, but at the same time, I knew if things didn't work I out I would eventually move on and find a better guy. Although the last part hasn't happened, I know it will. Not in Bella and Edward's case, they would be alone if they were separated than with someone else and die if the other one died. Now let me say this again: I was deeply, madly, and incredibly in love with this guy--BUT, my world was not centered around his. Of course, I would beyond upset if he were to die, but I would cope and continue living. Now, some of you may be thinking, well, Bella and Edward actually dated. True, but I can say for a fact that my previous friendship with this guy held way more foundation-hell--actually had a foundation compared to those two.

I could never and still can't for the life of me figure out why they were together. I don't dislike these two characters, but I feel they weren't developed at all. What bad traits did they have besides Bella's unfounded insecurity and Edward's overprotectiveness? And Bella became insane at the end.


Without a doubt, Jacob was and continues to be my favorite character of the series. He was the only reason I continued to read the series and why I am going to watch the next two movies. He was the saving grace of the book--seriously. I wanted to literally cry at the end of Eclipse when I read his part. I felt so sorry for him. And let me tell you--I'm not a big crier. If you don't count funerals, I've cried two times, at most, last year. Also,I felt that Bella should chose him, of course, I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I still believed...Jacob and Bella had a real relationship and she actually admitted to being in love with him, even though he did trick her, and she admitted it. May I add, that Ms/Mrs.Meyer wrote the biggest cop out of the series when she paired Jacob with Ness and the "fight" was a big disappointment as well. Bella herself said that she would have gotten with Jacob if it were not for Edward.

Now, I would have accepted Bella/Edward if, and only if, there was a better love triangle (excluding the kiss and her realization of love). Meyer should have definitely played on Bella's feelings for Jacob and having her flirt with the idea of temptation. They didn't even have to do anything, but just to have her go to him more and consider the possibility of maybe being with Jacob instead. And have Edward going crazy as to what was going on and what exactly she was up to, and then reading Jacob's mind. Then Jacob should have left again and have Bella go numb, but it wouldn't be that obvious--she was just obsess over him. All the while most of what happen would happen (adding maybe<-this means really-- Edward and Bella having a real relationship).

Bella was crazy. She was willing to give up everything, and she did for Edward. I understand undying love, but the way she went about it was as if she had terrible family and friends. That she needed to escape. Meyer should have made her leaving harder for Bella than her just saying it. Bella was really insensitive when it came to others needs--it was all about Edward and being with him. Her needing to see him even if he wasn't real.

(no subject)
Well, I just thought I would make a new community dedicated to the Morgan/Garcia pairing. I would like various kind of writers and readers to join like those who are new and other's who are experienced. I want this community to let it's readers and writers not only get enjoyment, but fulfillment from what the show doesn't offer.

I would just like writer's to express their creativity to the fullest extent, so I really wouldn't say that a rating isn't put on anything. You can't really rate great reading--it is what it is. Just keep the community strictly to Morgan/Garcia pairing and hopefully they are well written or the authors mature as they write. Also, no bad-mouthing a story, but constructive criticism is welcomed.

(no subject)
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The Words Series
Title: Words, Unnecessary
Disclaimer…I don’t know what else to put.
Rating: M
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: I don’t know if this really qualifies.
Classification: Garcia’s POV
Warning: Uh, none that I can think of, except there isn't much dialog.
Spoilers: Lesson Learned, and Profiler, Profiled—if anything else happens to pop up, then so be it
Summary: There was more to the Morgan/Garcia friendship than flirting and tonight it is going to become even more complex.

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Why me?
I'm kind of upset right now because my knee hurts and I can't run. Running is a passion for me and I am aiming for a scholarship, but I can't improve if I can't run. So, now I have to take a week or two off again just so my knee will stop hurting. That will be hell--again, but I have to do it if I am going to train properly. I know I did this to myself by not stretching, but I have learned my lesson...ugh. I hate when that happens. So, basically this week will consist of soaking, stretching, and not running. :( 

Taste of Chicago
Well, I went the Taste of Chicago yesterday and it was horrible. The food and music was great, but whatever the Taste is considered it was organized horribly. It was overcrowded for one thing, but that it to be expected. People brought their kids and that is to be expected, but in strollers. Come on, almost the whole city is trying to be fit into that park and people want to bring kids in strollers. Then they get mad when people almost step on them. I could barely see them when I was trying to pass. Then  people had the nerve to bring bikes, scooters, etc... You should bring yourself and money because the rest is too much. It was people waiting in the concert lines for hours only not to get in. Fights to start and people trying to get in front of other.

You could barely move when you tried to walk. Since the booths are on the sidewalks and streets people had to wait in the streets--made it even harder to walk. Immediately you could tell which places were popular and which places weren't. Security was bad. It was just...ugh.


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